Floyd Mayweather Celebrates Black History Month With His Fleet Of Black Luxury Cars

Whew! Floyd Mayweather does two things very well–throw them hands, and call us all broke on the timeline! It’s Black History Month and Floyd is back at it again with yet another display of his monumental amount of cash.

In a recent Instagram post, Floyd stepped into his garage and decided to give us a look at the many, many, MANY black cars he has dropped a bag on. Just to let y’all know, we lost count after the first 10 cars.

We spotted a few Lambo’s, a couple Ferrari’s, some Bentley’s and a few double R’s in Floyd’s fleet, and all we really could say was “oh wow”. While some fans celebrated the black wealth and black excellence Floyd hit us with, others criticized him for being materialistic.

“Another example of how you can get anything you want in this life. Bro wasn’t lucky, he worked for what he wanted. You can do the same. Go get what’s yours people,” one fan commented.

“Wanna impress me? Hand out 50 black Toyota’s to families in dire need,” another user commented.

“Materialism has nothing to do with Black History Month,” another user said.

How do y’all feel about the way Floyd is started the month off, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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