Better Business Bureau Warns of CBD Free Trial Scam

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers of a CBD free trial scam which, in the end, bills customers hundreds of dollars. Companies utilizing the scheme offer customers free products – requiring only shipping and handling payment – but are then charged with a monthly subscription between $80 and $100.

The BBB said it has received dozens of reports on the scam via its Scam Tracker.

“You don’t find out until 3 weeks later that you have signed up for a subscription and you are charged $99. They will not refund your money. They say you had 14 days to cancel (when you call them to complain) but there is no description of that on the website.” – An unnamed customer via BBB Scam Tracker

BBB said that in some cases the products appear to be celebrity-endorsed; however, there have been several reports of CBD companies using the names and likenesses of celebrities without their knowledge. Last year, Clint Eastwood filed lawsuits against 20 CBD firms over their use of his image along with fabricated quotes. Last November, Sir David Attenborough’s spokesman told the Mirror that the beloved nature documentary host “has had no involvement whatsoever” with the products using his name and likeness.

The BBB specifically mentions reports naming products endorsed by ministers Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen but it’s unclear whether they legitimately back the company perpetrating the scam.

The BBB suggests researching a company before signing up for anything, understating the terms after the free trial ends, remaining skeptical of celebrity endorsements, and reporting the losses to credit card companies.

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