What is the “Death Bubba” Hype is All About?

The most potent Death Bubba Strain looks amazing with their colorful buds, as they are flavorful. Also known as “D. Bubba”, an Indica dominant strain, which comprises strikingly high THC concentration for its consumers. It is an original BC strain. This strain is actually a combination of Death Star and Bubba Kush.

Produced by Matteo Suleiman of BC’s Sea to Sky, this Indica dominant hybrid is just created by a progeny of the most prevalent Bubba Kush and Death Star strains. Directly after smoking, you will be going to feel a high of energy wash over your mind that leaves you elevated and inspired with minor psychoactive experiences. As the high remains, you will be in deep relaxation with a deep reflection that puts you to become reserved in social situations.

Death Bubba’s pure mixture of green and purple buds with covered in eye-catching trichomes. Gives a sweet, earthy flavor and fresh, pungent aroma from D. Bubba’s terpene profile of caryophyllene, humulene, and myrcene.


Due to the thickness of trichomes all over the buds of the Death Bubba, you will also get a strong smell of skunk, lemon, and spice. Most of the parts will let you enjoy its earthy, piney, and musky scent. The herbal scented blend of tangy citrus and biting spice is indicative of a sizzling lemonade margarita on a burning summer’s day.

How does it look like?

Death Bubba’s name is moderated by its lively and dense flower buds. Fresh harvested, dried, and cured bunch of Death Bubba give a clue of forest green leaves with obvious powder-like trichomes all over. Orange roseate pistils sprout through the leaves; however, tints of purple shade hide underneath the trichomes and large and dense bud assembly.

Special effects of Death Bubba

Before trying Death Bubba first must be aware of the high-THC level and grassing effects of it. Modest to high users can easily manage the minor soothing effects of a small-to-medium dose of Death Bubba. Your stress level also falls to zero with time and your muscles rest to a relaxed state as well as feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Those who suffer from lack of sleep take high doses to aid sleep and mend a person’s mood. Death Bubba will not leave you banged out if your dose properly. Few hits of this strain are all you need to feel a spirited lift that ultimately spills off into a slight sleepy feeling. If you are looking for a tough strain with strong effects, Death Bubba is a compact select.

Why Death Bubba?

Because death bubba is the everything, you need for spending pleasureful time. With its high THC level of 17-22%, it is important for everyone enjoying Death Bubba to remember to start low and go slow. The blow of this strain carries you into a deep and quiet sleep that lasts for hours, rest you the form of being unawake able. Death Bubba devours a smell of pine and a taste of spicy lemon with a clue of spicy earthy goodness on the breath out.


Strain Type

Indica (70%) Sativa (30%)

Terpene Profile

Caryophyllene (0.37%) Myrcene (0.28%) Humulene (0.13%)

THC Level 

12 – 27 % | CBD: 1%


Medium-sized buds, vibrant light green leaves with indications of purple and gleaming trichomes.

Aromas & Flavor

Dank, Earthy, Woody, Lemon, Sweet

Effects & Moods

Euphoric, Hungry, Happy, Sleepy, Relaxed


Stress, Focus, Depression, Lack of Appetite, Insomnia


Headaches, Migraines, Chronic Pain, ADHD


Death Star x Bubba Kush

If we take look at its origin then Death Bubba’s story starts in the Great White North. Vancouver, British Columbia’s Sea to Sky produced this amazing hit of a strain. Matteo Suleiman, Sea to Sky’s director and cultivator, by crossing the genetics of Death Star and Bubba Kush strains, produced a THC-high and strong take on two strain picks.

 The dreamy and hallucinogenic properties are from Bubba Kush, while on the other hand Death Star offers its musky and earthy aroma as well as its sneaking effects. Death Bubba’s family won many international and local awards, which is proved that how desirable and effective strain is this.


Death Bubba provides consumer’s happiness and relaxation at any time of the day, but if I suggest you then it is best used in the evening. It aids to relax after a hectic day and get some rest friend. Users suffering from chronic fatigue also find it magical help for their condition. Certain users have also mentioned its strong couch-lock feature and uncaring pleasurable euphoria that makes getting things done unbearable. While those who are suffering from pains get that kind of relief that, they feel able to deal with daily responsibilities and other tasks.

Alternatives of Death Bubba

  • Mimosa: Sweet And Sour
  • Black Diamond: Best for Deep Relaxation
  • Snowball: Best Stimulator for Anti-social nugs.

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