Red Congolese Strain | Best Mood Enhancer

Red Congolese strain is a Sativa dominant with incredible special effects. The most enjoyable effect of this strain is its bold cerebral buzz and its euphoric and energetic high. Red Congo strain is also known as the best mood-enhancer, which makes it a top choice for stress-relief and depression reliever plus fatigue-causing symptoms. The first Red Congolese phenotype is purely Sativa and offers an especially invigorating and inspirational high.

Red Congolese is a top-notch strain for cerebral effects as lucid and focus increase. Due to this red Congolese is well known for its excellent wake and bake strain effect. Undoubtedly, this is one you do not wish to smoke before bedtime. As an alternative, Red Congolese is perfect for morning or early afternoon consumption.

THC & CBD Level

The highest known THC content for a Red Congolese strain is supposed to be 21%. This strain is usually a little bit strong though, and normally has an average THC range from between 18-20% with 2% CBD on average.


Family: Congolese, Mexican Sativa, and Afghani strains.

Why Red Congolese?

This strain comprises an average THC level of around 18-20%. High offers the user with energy, mental clarity, and a happy attitude accompanied by a boost in creativeness. Red Congolese let your negative thoughts drift away and treat your fatigue pain and headaches. It can be used all over the day and most of the time used to treat nausea and stress. You may also encounter fits of giggles sometimes.


Gratefully, the pungent aroma of the strain is not symbolic of its taste. Though some scraps present in its aroma belong to its flavor. Red Congolese’s blend of sweet and spicy flavors and herbal and citrusy notes gives consumers fresh feelings. On the exhalation, it gives a mixture of musky, woody, and spicy aftertaste to the consumers.


If we look at fragrance then Red Congolese is not much known due to its strong, pungent, earthy smell, which seems like the strong-smelling cheese. There are also some flicks of nuts, but Red Congolese’s pungent cheesy odor generally suppresses this elusive fragrance.

Growth Info

The red Congolese plant is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor growth. It is the easiest plant to grow and the right one for the new farmers in the field of cultivation. It takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks for proper growth and the indoor growth period is a little bit more than outdoor. Outdoor growth takes a period to the end of October before harvesting.

Indoor growth of plant yields around ten to twelve ounces per square meter while outdoors average yield of Red Congolese is around sixteen ounces per plant. However, with ideal growing conditions, this possibly will be even more.

Health Impacts of Red Congolese

Researches showed that Red Congolese is the perfect choice for patients suffering from chronic fatigue and those who need an energy lift. Red Congolese’s uplifting cerebral high may also provide provisional relief for those with mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Its mood-improving effect may also help to lessen stress also. Referees of this strain say that it aids sciatic pain, while others suggested it for muscle spasms.

Negatives of Red Congolese

Well, the side effects of this strain are common and the same as others like dry mouth, dry eyes. But most of the consumers felt dizziness, anxiety and became paranoid. But they are rare and no to be worried about.


Taste & Smell
– Fruity
– Sour
– Spicy
– Sweet

– Focused
– Creative
– Talkative
– Dizzy
– Dry Eyes
– Dry Mouth

Common Usage

– Arthritis
– Pain
– Nausea
– Stress

Typical Effects

  • Focused
  • Social
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Euphoric

Last Words

Similar to many other cannabis strains, Red Congolese is mostly used for knowledge associated with lessening nausea and increasing appetite. This makes it particularly valuable for patients suffering from various illnesses. It is the best for beginners due to the low high inductive feature. The THC level is not that high so it is ok to take it in the morning to feel fresh and start your day.

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