Hong Kong’s First CBD Cafe Opens in Sheung Wan

A CBD café has opened in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong – the first of its kind in the region, the Associated Press reports. The café, named ‘Found,’ is allowed to serve pre-packaged CBD-infused edibles and drinks that contain 0 percent THC in accordance with Hong Kong laws.

According to the report, the owners plan to sell freshly prepared infused products by next month. Fiachra Mullen, co-owner of Altum International, a cannabinoids supplier in Asia that operates Found, said he hopes the endeavor can break the stigma around CBD and separate the cannabinoid from THC and other recreational drugs. “We are trying to create a new conversation here, moving away from stoner culture,” Mullen told CNN.

“Hong Kong is actually one of Asia’s most progressive cannabinoid markets. Unlike other parts of the region — Australia, New Zealand, Singapore — it’s actually quite a progressive cannabinoid law in Hong Kong.” – Mullen to the AP

Mullen plans to host educational workshops and other wellness activities at the café, believing CBD – and other “minor cannabinoids” such as CBC and CBG – “will continue to become a larger trend for health and wellness in Hong Kong, helping individuals bring some balance back to their body and mind,” he said.

“Much of it is driven by the year that Hong Kong has had with the protests and, of course, the COVID 19 pandemic,” he said in a HuffsnPuffs report. “A lot of our customers take CBD first thing in the morning with their coffee before they leave for work; it helps with mindfulness and makes them somewhat more resilient to whatever happens that day.”

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