Help us “Finish the Fight” for Legalization on 4/20


In the first four months of 2021, four states — New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, and Virginia — have legalized the adult-use marijuana market. Over 40 percent of all Americans now reside in a state where possessing marijuana is legal and seven in ten voters now say that it should be legal nationwide. Nonetheless, federal law still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I illicit substance — in the same legal category as heroin. That is why NORML is calling on activists this 4/20 to “finish the fight” at the state and federal level.


“While April 20th has been synonymous with celebrating marijuana’s cultural status, this year we wish to emphasize the need for advocates to engage with their elected officials — particularly those in Congress — and urge them to ‘finish the fight’ and repeal federal prohibition. said NORML’s Executive Director Erik Altier. “While we have undoubtedly made immense progress in recent years, hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens are still arrested each year for simple possession of a plant. That is why we are calling on all legalization supporters to take time out of their 4/20 celebrations this year to help us finish the fight, both at the federal level and in those states that still are living under the dark ages of prohibition. We have an overwhelming mandate from the people and we intend to make sure that elected officials abide by it.”

To facilitate this day of advocacy, NORML will be releasing a “Finish the Fight” digital toolkit, both to its chapter and affiliate network and to the general public, to assist them in contacting their lawmakers in support of important reform efforts and to encourage their friends and family to join them. 

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