All you Need to Know About CO2 Extraction in 500 Words

Carbon dioxide-compressed cannabis extracts are becoming more popular these days. You will see them everywhere and not for no reason, they have become a favorite choice of consumers all over the world. We thought about dedicating a post to CO2 extraction and showing you how it works. Keep reading as we investigate the process behind CO2 extraction and how to get these products in Canada.

What is the C02 method?

The CO2 method is a safe way to extract different compounds from the cannabis plant. Even before it became popular in the cannabis industry, it was used to extract essential oils and compounds from other plants.

The process involves using carbon dioxide paired with a strictly controlled temperature environment and then applying these conditions to a cannabis plant or flowers to extract material without destroying the precious terpenes that are found in the plant material.

Without wishing to bother you much with complicated chemistry, we want to highlight that C02 behaves interestingly when it reaches a supercritical level of being in between the state of gas and liquid. This state is very important for the extraction process as it enables the C02 to successfully penetrate the plant.  Reaching the supercritical state, the C02 expands to fill the container with the plant and removes the essential oils from the cannabis plant.

This is truly a little scientific feat, the C02 method ensures that the final extract contains no impurities or a lot of residues.

Why you should be looking for CO2-extracted products

CO2-extracted products have become a favorite on the market because this is an environmentally clean method that ensures a clean product that is safe for use and does not leave traces of heavy metals or impurities.

CO2 extraction is best for extracting cannabis oil, waxes, or rosin that have a high level of purity.

Some other types of extractions like butane extraction leaves residue and is not eco-friendly.

What is CO2 honey oil?

One of the most popular extracts that are available on the market and are made using the CO2 method of extraction is honey oil.

Honey oil is a byproduct of compressing C02 at a high temperature until it reaches a supercritical state and strips the cannabis plant of its essential oils.

The oil generated in this process looks like honey and has a slightly orange colour. This oil does not have any residual particles and is perfect for those who are environmentally and health conscious.

Where can I get the C02 honey oil in Canada?

At  Matrix Extracts, we work tirelessly to ensure that the highest-quality products are available 24/7 and honey oil is no exception.

We know that our customers love vaping the oil or dabbing it and we have great vaping cartridges that would be perfect for your honey oil vaping experience. Check out our online store and see if you find anything that sparks your curiosity, we are sure we can accommodate your tastes.

It is important to stay informed and we hope you learned something new about how our products are made and how to know the difference between different methods of extraction.

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