Pennsylvania: Governor Signs Legislation Expanding Medical Cannabis Access for Qualified Patients


Doctors and Marijuana

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has signed legislation, HB 1024, into law expanding the ability of patients to access medical cannabis.

Under the law, which took effect upon signing, qualified patients may now legally possess up to a 90-day supply of cannabis at one time. (State law previously allowed for only a 30-day supply.) Patients also now have the ability to consult with authorizing physicians via video conferencing and may obtain cannabis from dispensaries via curbside pick-up.

Those who act as caregivers under the law are no longer restricted to servicing five patients or fewer.

The law also expands the pool of eligible conditions to include cancer remission therapy and CNS-related neuropathy. It also eliminates provisions in the law the previously required chronic pain patients to try conventional prescription pain medications prior to using cannabis.

Over 340,000 Pennsylvanians participate in the states’s medical access program.

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