Lisa Bloom Shares She Now Represents One Of T.I. And Tiny’s Accusers (Update)

While T.I. and Tiny have temporarily ducked out of the spotlight following recent allegations of sex abuse, the drama still continues.

Multiple alleged victims came forward on social media to speak about their alleged encounters with the celebrity couple, though little to none of their accounts have been verified.

Regardless, the couple faced enough bad press from the matter, prompting them to publicly deny the allegations on multiple occasions before ultimately taking a quieter approach to the situation at hand.

The turmoil continues however, as famed attorney Lisa Bloom, who is known for taking on sexual abuse and harassment cases, shared that she’ll be representing one of the alleged accusers.

Bloom made the announcement via Twitter that she’d be taking on the case just days after she added her own commentary to a viral post on Twitter that discussed some of the allegations against the couple: “Good Lord. So many accusers,” Lisa Bloom said. Then five days later, she followed up with, “And now I represent one of them.”

Bloom didn’t provide any details on who her client is or what her client is specifically alleging. She also failed to mention what, if any, damages her client would be seeking in this case.

As of today, no actual criminal charges have been filed against the couple, and authorities have not mentioned any such investigation in regard to the allegations.

This all started when Glam University CEO Sabrina Peterson, a former friend of Tiny’s, alleged that T.I. held a gun to her head following a disagreement.

After she called the couple out, things got heated, which is when Peterson alleged that multiple women began contacting her to share their negative experiences with T.I. and in many cases, the alleged encounters were sexual in nature.

You can catch up on all that here and we’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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