Lil Nas X Shows Off The New Breasts He Purchased Out Of Boredom

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to Lil Nas X because his big personality and out of the box creativity always brings something new to our social media timelines. Saturday night was so different for the “Rodeo” rapper, who revealed he made two big purchases out of boredom.

Some people hit up Amazon for some retail therapy when they’re bored, and others watch new television shows, but Lil Nas X did neither last night. Instead, he popped out on Twitter with a new pair of breasts.

Yes, y’all read that right. Lil Nas X bought himself some new t*tties, and he wants to know what y’all think about them!

“That’s not something you do when you’re bored sir,” one fan commented.

“He could’ve spent that money on mine if he was that damn bored,” another fan said.

Despite what people are saying, Lil Nas X seems to be having a good old time with his new purchase, and even took the fun over to TikTok. With his song “Call Me By Your Name” playing in the background, he hit his fans with lil’ boob bounce!

He even responded to a Twitter user, who implied that Lil Nas X doesn’t know God because of the purchase.

“Satan just looking and laughing saying, ‘Yep, I got another one from you God. Told you they don’t love you or honor you. They honor me!’ Sadness…” the man said.

Lil Nas X clapped back saying, “Satan will never have these kitties. These t*tties belong to God u loser.”

How are y’all feeling about the new breasts, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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