Ex-Advertising Agency Executives Launch a Minority-Owned Cannabis & Spirits Platform


The first media platform connecting brands with the growing cannabis & spirits audiences

New York, NY (April 9th, 2021) – Flavor Fix, the first media platform catering to cannabis and spirits, has launched. It’s built to educate people on cannabis, CBD and spirits, as well as let brands connect with this hard-to-reach audience. Kaya Herb House, the first legal dispensary in Jamaica, has partnered with Flavor Fix to be their launch sponsor.

“Flavor Fix is a great idea that is perfectly timed,” said Bali Vaswani, Founder of Kaya Herb House. “You’ve got cannabis legalization forging ahead in the states. The reality that it is extremely difficult to advertise brands and products in these categories online, and the fact that no site currently offers anything to people interested in both cannabis and spirits.”

Uniquely Connecting Brands with Customers
An AdAge.com paper called Why Cannabis Audiences Are the New Gateway to Growth for Big Brand mentions the value of the growing cannabis market and their affinity for alcohol.

“21 million buy top-quality beer, wine and spirits, especially whiskey.” — MRI-Simmons National Cannabis Study, 2020, AdAge paper

Enter Flavor Fix. There are well-established media platforms in cannabis and others in spirits, however, none that cover both multi-billion dollar industries and that collect data on the affluent audience that overlaps each category. This allows Flavor Fix to have twice the amount of site traffic and build a much bigger audience than WeedMaps, Leafly, Flaviar, Merry Jane, VinePair and others alike who focus on only one of the industries. Flavor Fix also has a cannabis and spirits influencer network that helps expand their audience/reach and gives brands a unique way of advertising. This is essential to helping brands be successful online, because advertising cannabis, CBD and spirits brands on Google and Facebook is a challenge.

“Human behavior shows that people like a little toke with their wine, beer or liquor of choice,” said JJ Smoak, Flavor Fix’s Head of Content. “We cater to this lifestyle by expanding our concept of content into premium handmade wooden products. Our high-quality products bring flavor to your dinner parties and personal at-home smoking experience.”

Build Brands with High-Quality Handcrafted Wooden Products
Flavor Fix makes handmade wooden products like Cutting Boards, Stash Boxes, Rolling Trays and Flight Paddles in small batches. This gives Flavor Fix a tangible presence in the home and makes them a valuable part of the party. This helps Flavor Fix build a stronger connection with their audience than other media companies who don’t have a tangible and intimate expression of their brand. Flavor Fix offers brands like Kaya the ability to do unique advertising campaigns on their platform that include custom branded, hand-crafted products.

Executional Experience
Flavor Fix’s founding team are ex-advertising agency executives with years of experience advertising alcohol brands with Rémy Martin, Diageo and others. They created Flavor Fix due to an influx of cannabis and CBD clients who found it difficult to advertise cannabis and CBD brands online. This team has helped spirits brands navigate the regulated world of alcohol advertising and are using Flavor Fix to do the same for CBD and cannabis brands. The audience overlap also makes Flavor Fix uniquely positioned to help grow the non-alcoholic CBD and cannabis beverage segment. A recent study by Grand View Research said that the global cannabis beverage market size is expected to reach USD 2.8 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 17.8%. Flavor Fix will be a platform that introduces alcohol connoisseurs to this delicious offering.

“The founding team has brand building, advertising, and deep SEO & Content experience,” said Mr. Chichester, Flavor Fix, Advisor and Investor, “ They have found SEO advantages over the leaders in the space and built a platform that will out rank their competitors organically on search engines like Google. Their creation of an Influencer network for this space shows their foresight. The fact that they consider their wooden products a type of content play is genius. Plus, the majority of the founders happen to be people of color, which is unique in both advertising and the cannabis industry. I think that’s pretty cool.”

About Flavor Fix
Flavor Fix is the leading multi-media publishing and lifestyle company educating the public on cannabis, CBD and spirits. Flavor Fix helps brands connect with the affluent audiences that are rapidly growing in two multi-billion dollar industries.

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