‘Cinderella’ Starring Brandy & Whitney Houston Officially Coming To Disney+

Roommates, after several months of pleading from fans, Disney+ just made a major decision regarding the 1997 film ‘Cinderella.’ The live-action musical adaptation of ‘Cinderella’ starring Brandy and Whitney Houston is finally coming to Disney+ for streaming!

Over the years, fans of both Brandy and Whitney Houston have questioned why their “Cinderella” TV movie was not available on any streaming service—well now those questions can officially be laid to rest. Disney just announced that the beloved musical movie will launch on its streaming service Disney+ “at the stroke of midnight” on February 12th.

To reveal the news, Brandy reunited with Whoopi Goldberg, who also starred in the film, on a recent episode of ‘The View.’ “It’s pretty remarkable that people have been begging for ‘Cinderella’ to be re-released for almost 24 years. I mean, what do you think, is it possible?” Goldberg teased.

“It’s definitely possible. I appreciate the fans,” Brandy replied. “I’m so excited that Cinderella has a home now at Disney plus and we can celebrate, and share, and inspire a whole new generation.”

‘Cinderella’ originally premiered during ABC’s “The Wonderful World of Disney” on Nov. 2, 1997. More than 60 million viewers tuned into the televised broadcast of the live-action fairy tale adaptation which starred Brandy as Cinderella and Whitney Houston as her fairy godmother.

The film was hailed as an instant classic, both for celebrating diversity and representation through its A-list cast (including Whoopi Goldberg, Victor Garber,  Bernadette Peters, Paolo Montalban, Jason Alexander, Veanne Cox, and the late Natalie Desselle Reid), and for Rodgers & Hammerstein’s pitch-perfect original songs, ‘Impossible,’ ‘In My Own Little Corner,’ ‘Ten Minutes Ago,’ ‘A Lovely Night’ and ‘Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?’


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